Uniq Physique provides all the necessary equipment and specialist supervision for weight loss, building muscle strength, toning and conditioning. Whether you are a dedicated athlete or enthusiastic beginner, Uniq Physique gym has everything you need to progress towards your chosen goal.

Lower Deck
Downstairs we have a complete range of selectorised and plate loaded resistance stations to exercise every conceivable muscle group effectively and safely. We also have a vast selection of free weights dumbbells ranging from 1kg to 100kg.

Upper Deck
The mezzanine has an extensive range of cardio equipment including cross-trainers, cycles, treadmills and rowing machines. There is also a sparring area with punchbags and training & stretching mat.

Our outdoor facilities include strength and conditioning equipment, strongman area and extra space for free weight training in fair weather. The gym has a unit outside that can be used for group classes, personal training or simply as an additional space for our members to work out. Please check the timetable for availability.

Changing facilities
We have toilet and shower facilities and can also loan towels and toiletries if required. Work out towels are also provided upon request.

Our shop stocks Uniq Physique merchandise, clothing and a range of shakes & supplements that we can recommend as part of your overall training regime.

We have generous vehicle parking facilities outside which is free for members. Secure parking for bicycles and motorcycles is also available. Daily or weekly car parking can also be arranged for a fee (We are only 5 mins walk from Haslemere station)